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General Information

Bhutan Festivals and Holidays:            

Tshechu are the most common religious Bhutan festival, and are performed in honor of Guru Rinpoche. Celebrated near the end of the harvest season all over Bhutan, the main focus of the Tshechu is masked dancing performed by Buddhist monks. People come from far and near to celebrate Tshechus, Bhutan holiday, which are known to last several days.

 Bhutan tourist attractions
From the foothills bordering India to the highest peaks bordering Tibet, Bhutan is a panoply of breathtaking landscapes and historic places to see.

 Visiting Bhutan

The best months to visit Bhutan are in the spring-April, May and June and autumn September, October and November. This is when the weather is at its best and most festivals take place.

Dress Code for visiting Dzongs (fortress)

While visiting dzongs around our country, all the visitors should be in proper dress code with Full collar shirt and long paint. Visitors are not allowed to put on their hats while visiting dzongs.

Tour Guides in Bhutan

Tour guides are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. They are native Bhutanese, highly knowledgeable and are fluent in English. There are also some German, Japanese and French speaking guides in Bhutan.

Bhutan Tax

You will incur airport tax of US$25, while flying into Paro Airport from Bangkok, Katmandhu, New Delhi and Kolkata. There is around US$20 airport tax, while departing from Paro Airport. Taxes for your accommodations and meals are included in your tour cost.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Travel insurance covers medical expenses, trip cancellation, baggage loss etc. Travel Guard is our Travel Insurance Provide.

 Women Travelers in Bhutan

Bhutan is proud of its lack of class systems and absence of gender discrimination. Bhutanese women have the same rights as men, including rights to education, voting and holding positions in the government. Though women are not harassed and need not take special precautions, young men often have a fairly liberated attitude towards their relations with women. Misunderstandings could arise if women don’t make their intentions clear from the outset.

 Physically Handicapped Travelers

Cultural tours in Bhutan are generally very challenging for travelers with physical disabilities. There are many paved sidewalks, and hotels, toilets and public buildings are not accessible to wheelchairs. However, sometimes we can make special arrangements in advance to accommodate your needs. Please let us know about your situation and we will try to work things out for you.

 Senior Travel

Many visitors to Bhutan are over 60. Hotels, guides and tour operators are very familiar with and respect the needs of seniors. Its part of Bhutanese culture to respect and take care of one elder. A  Please note: Make sure to bring enough medication with you for your entire trip. You are unlikely to be able to refill prescriptions while in Bhutan.

Travel with Children to Bhutan

There are some discounts for children traveling to Bhutan. There are lots of child-centered attractions in Bhutan, but they probably would enjoy the nature, culture and making new friends! Nannies and baby sitters can be arranged, should you need one. Altitude of Bhutan
Roads go up to an altitude of about 3,750m. Most towns and villages where you will overnight are at an altitude between 2,000m to 2,900m. While altitude sickness is not usually a problem at these heights, we recommend you consult your physician if your health is compromised or you have concerns. Of course, you will be at higher altitudes if you are trekking up into the mountains

 Altitudes of Bhutan 

The roads in Bhutan vary in their altitudes ranging up to 3,750m. Most towns and villages where you spend your nights have an altitude between 2,000m to 2,900m. You will be at higher altitudes, if you are trekking up in the mountains. It is hardly ever or rarely that anyone suffers from any serious altitude sickness in Bhutan, if you are on a culture tour. But when you come on longer treks and high altitude camping, one could suffer from HACE. Read our FAQ section for more details, contact with. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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