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Drametse Temple

It was built in 1501 by three great lamas, Kinga Drakpa from Tango, Zhabdrung Jigme Chogyel from Gantey and Tenpai Nima in 6th Century. It takes approximately 45mins drive from main road, consisting of 32 turning of road.The main relic in the temple is Ani Choten Zangmo. Ani Choten Zangmo is the one who started Buddhism in Dramtse.
In olden days it was called Brametse (Bra-cow) because the people of Dramtse used to herd many cows.

Now a days it is called Dramtse (Dra Sound), when Ani Choten Zangmo blew the Dungkhar (shell) which was given by her father Pema Lingpa saying that blow the Dungkhar everywhere you go and if the Dungkhar gives clear sound then that place will be your prophecy. So when she reached Dramtse it gave clear sound.

Kinga Wangpo (brother of Ani Choten Zangmo and son of pema Lingpa) saw a dream that he was in heaven and he was welcome with Chidrel (traditional culture) and mask dance. Keeping his entire dream he introduced a dance called Dramtse Nga Cham and it’s been about 500 years introducing the cham. We can see the beautiful villages from this place are: 1 Che-Ji, 2 Kanglung(Location or College) 3 Yanphula, 4 Pangthang, Ozorong. About the tour program contact us on. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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